Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ada untungnya juga

Whew.. Ada untungnya juga ya gw ga sendirian d rumah.. Walopun ga sering sendirian lg d rumah kea dulu waktu SD - SMP..

Kenapa gw bilang gitu? Karena.. Pasti ada aja yang gw banting klo d rumah krn depresi/stres. All the time victim: MY CELL PHONE http://emo.huhiho.com >> evil laugh *gaje, ditendang*

Tapi anehnya ga rusak2 th HP walopun skrg jd sering eror gara2 virus *gara2 dl sering masukin lagu k HP dr kompu* http://emo.huhiho.com untungnya ga ktauan nyokap klo th HP sering gw banting.. 

Sementara klo d sklh ada lg korban ke-isengan gw http://emo.huhiho.com *dijitak tmn sebangku* tp ntr jg ngisengin lg..
Uda dh segitu dl.. Drpd nanti gw banting HP lg(apa hubungannya coba?)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Baru sadar beberapa hal..

Ok.. Gw tls ni post karena baru menyadari sesuatu. Dan itu adalah.. Gw cepet ngilang di keramaian klo d tinggal ma keluarga ato tmn..! http://emo.huhiho.com

Gw br sadar klo gw sk ngilang entah kmn pas hari Sabtu tgl 23 Januari 2010, k tempat pernikahan sm keluarga, tw2 d tinggal dan akhirnya gw ngilang kmn2 nyari kluarga... http://emo.huhiho.com

Lupakan hal itu.. Lagipula keanya gw sering banget menghilang langsung ke rumah pas pulang sekolah(tmn gw sih yang bilang klo gw cepet ngilangnya pas pulang sekolah) *dan selama itu ga sadar2 klo cepet banget ngilang*

Lagipula gw jg baru sadar akan hal lain.. Ternyata gw itu gampang stres dan depresi ya~ hanya dengan mikirin beberapa hal doang... http://emo.huhiho.com *mojok mode on*
Tapi salah satu keahlian gw juga nyimpen masalah http://emo.huhiho.com *digampar*

Hwehehe~~ udahlah ga usah d pikirin(tapi nanti juga jadi kepikiran lg n jd depresi deh~ http://emo.huhiho.com *mojok lagi*)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bener kan..

Ternyata bener kan yang gw bilang kalo mau masuk DKV(Desain Komunikasi Visual) itu harus BISA GAMBAR sementara gw ini GA BISA GBR SAMA SEKALI http://emo.huhiho.com (kecuali gbr bayangan waktu SMP dah) *dan gw jg br tw td ada yg blg gitu*

Ni lh satu tmn gw yg super geje dan energik sekali(dy klo ngapa-ngapain ga cape2 uy!) nyuru gw masuk DKV.. Uda gw blg ga bs gbr tetep aja d srh msk DKV.. http://emo.huhiho.com

Eh.. Pas gw blg gw ga bs gbr d blg, "DKV tuh ga peru ada skill gbr". Tw2 td tmn gw blg isi na nge-gambar smua.. http://emo.huhiho.com >> mojok mode: on krn ga bs gambar

Maap dh kalo gw cuman bs nge-edit gbr bkn na bikin gbr asli original buatan tgn trs d warnain pk photoshop ato alat2 lain kea Tablet, SAI, de el el entah ada brp alat itu.. http://emo.huhiho.com *aslinya sih gw pengen bs gbr jd bs gbr ori/asli buatan ndiri*

Jadi~ maap dh ya bagi yg da maksa gw msk DKV~ krn gw ga mao msk DKV karena 1 alsan yg simple sekali: GA BS GAMBAR.

http://emo.huhiho.com *mojok mode: on lg krn ga bs gbr*

Friday, January 22, 2010

Another quotes

Looks like i found another quotes in my phone.. And here are the quotes~

Persona 4 Quotes:
- Thou art i... And i am thou... From the sea of thy soul, i come... From the very moment of my emergence, i have been a guilding light shed to illuminate thy path... I am the original god Izanagi-no-Ookami

Random quotes:
- Nothing is immortal... Everything has its time. That makes us need to respect everything that's something you hate... Keep away your soul from being evil things and 'he' will hear your call

- One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in iving it. But to sacrife wgat you are and to ive without believe, that is a fat more terrible than dying
> Joan D'Arc

- My name's Hera... The goddess of youth... My word is your sword... My power is your power.. My wings is your wings... My fate is your fate... My life is your life...

From Chicken Soup book vol 3:
- You must be yourself. Act very honest about who and what you are. And if people still like you, that's good. If they don't like you, its their problem.
> Sting

- Maturity begins to grow when you can feel concern for others beyond self-concern
> John MacNaughton

- The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes do not shed tears
> John Vance Cheney

- Your heart is not alive before merasakam suffering ... The misery of love, breaking hearts, even though sekers stone
> Hazret Inayat Khan

I think.. That's all of it.. ^^a

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I hate wednesday...

*sigh* kebencian gw dengan hari Jum'at beralih ke hari Rabu. Tau kenapa? Pasti ga tau kan? *digeplak* Karena.. Alasannya super duper simple: BAWAANNYA BERAT!!

Gila dah..! Uda hari Rabu bawaannya cukup berat gara2 OR jd mesti bawa baju ganti lg, eh.. Jadwal d ganti jadi hari Rabu ada akun(akuntansi) jadi makin berat dh bawaan na k sekolah. Mana guru yg ngajar akun hr itu jg krg enak lg ngajarnya(bagi gw dan anak2 sekelas) jd ngantuk dh d kls abis OR~

Gw sekolah uda kayak bawa bom aja buku na berat2.. Mana buku akun na gede2 + berat2 lagi.. Hweeh~ sengsara~ angkat beban~ T___T

Tp untungnya, td OR gurunya telat jd pada maen deh d lapangan~ yg cewe maen basket~ yg cowo maen futsal + basket~ uda sering nih guru telat dateng dan berakhir pada maen. But still.. I HATE WEDNESDAY!! Hiks.. Bawaannya berat.. Pundak gw pegel bw buku yg berat bgt.. Uda jarang gw bw buku seberat itu walopun dl waktu SMP buku na juga berat2 lagi.. T___T

Udalah.. Terima nasib aja bw buku berat + baju d hari Rabu.. T__T (dan juga jd latihan angkat beban *dijitak*)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quotes, quotes, quotes~~

Mm... Again~ i confused what to write.. But i decided to write some quotes before they disappear from my phone.

07-Ghost quotes:
"Please don't tell me that loving someone is also the same as losing them."
- Teito Klein

"If you can't speak the truth, your heart can't open."
- Teito Klein

"Human kind's true happiness is in overomming suffering on one's own. It can't be placed into something else."
- Labrador/Profe

"When everything is wrapped up, it resembles snow..."

Jigoku Shoujo quote:
"When one person is curse, two graves are bought. When your body die, your soul will be taken to hell."
- Ai Enma

xxxHolic quote:
"In this world there's no such thing as coincidence. All there is, is inevitability..."
- Ichihara Yuuko

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle quote:
"There are no such thing as coincidences in this world. There is only destiny"
- Ichihara Yuuko

"No matter how close, no matter how distant, i'll yearn for your memories, in a far away world"
- Shaoran

Fullmeta Alchemist quote:
"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only truth"
- Alphonse Elric

Initial D Drama Movie quote:
"Do not think to compete. Ignore other racer. The one you must defeated is yourself."

"Most importantly is to find your own world. Life will not be important if you can't find your own world."

Akaboshi - Ibun Suikoden quote:
"A 'Beast'can only be a 'Beast'. 'Our Battle' doesn't need much reason does it. Devour and get devoured. Instinct is... enough for us. A ight using our 'fangs' and 'Claws' - the onewho stands at the end is... The 'Conqueror'!!!
- Taisou

Air Gear quotes:
"All trees hold hands together, facing the sky. The leaves that are blocking the sunlight turn the rainforest into a dark place. The hnter does not see the beast that are hiding in the dark places revealing their fangs. Tonight, the hunter will be hunted by the beast. Here is Sleeping forest."

"“Sound by itself only a noisy tremor, but if paired with correct timing, it will become a beautiful tune.” This is what our leader says.. Everyone and everything… The whole universe is supported by sound. Sound is alive, no, it’s because sound exists… That we are alive."
- Kururu

Beyond The Beyond quotes:
"Yeah, there's time in ife you'll fall down in the dumps... Catch in sick troubles and find yourself lost in all sort of crazy probems you could ever imagine... But hey, you'll survive! ...... I hope."

"I have my worries too. But, my brother always said, 'if a person carried too much baggage, he would never grow up'"
- Futaba

"Our powers have limits. When wishes are granted, our lives are spent"
- Kiara

Spice and Wolf quote:
"These ears are for hearing every calamity and every lie. Then to tell all of my friends about the dangers. This tail that is white on the tip is my pride and is acclaimed by those who see it. The cleer wolf of yoitsu is none other than me."
- Horo

Ghost Hunt quote:
"The friends that came here with all of you have to be precious, and you eventually come to love them, i think not being with your loved ones will only make you sad and lonely. So i think everyone should stat together."
- Mai Taniyama

William Shakespeare's words:
- All the world are stage. And the men and women merely players

- Loves looks not with the eyes but with the minds

- There's nothing either good or bad, but thinking.. Makes it so.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories quote:
"There's nothing better than being reunited with someone you care about"

Random quotes:
- Love is not an emotion; it is our very existence. If anything can come close to understanding what we are, then it is love. When ove is without demand - demand for respect, love, attention, etc. Then that love is deep, divine, eternal; our very being. If there is any demand in love, then it does not have any depth; it is very shallow. Our thoughts, our emotion, feeings, actions, body, mind, intellect, anyway keep on changing. They are not permanent. If anything is permanent, it is at the core of being, master the universe, and that is love and that is YOU

- When the life of one person is saved, another one must be left to die

- The large red one in full bloom, the dakness concealed within a flower. A child is lured... A sacred one is led. Hades and the whirling tides... And the faint night between them. A rain of blood falls.......

- If you would not step the harlot's house, do not go by the harlot's door

- To live creative life, we must lost our fear of being wrong

- We cannot direct the wind, but we can adhust the sails

- A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words

- life's dissapointments is harder to take when you don't know any swear words

- Nothing is impossible even though nothing is perfect

- Find a guy who calls you beautifful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listem to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who hold your hands in front of his friends, who thinks you're pretty without make up on. One who s constantly reminding you of how mush he cares and how lucky he is to have you. The one who turns to his friends and says, "that's her"

- Life is simple, you decided, you can't hold back.

Okay... I think.. That's all the quotes in my phone, maybe..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker Parody XD

Whew.. Juast watch G-Dragon's Heartbreaker Parody by Korean Student. The best GD's parody i guess.. But still, the parody is so funny XD XD

Ahem.. Well.. The official MV is this: