Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anything and Everything *shot*

How, how, and how?? Those words appeared in my head a few minutes ago and made me think(again) about how i meet my friends, how i know them? Actually... I... Didn't remember about how i meet and how i know them.

Forget about that. I just want to say something.... WHERE THE HECK IS MY SPECTACLES??? I thought i put them one the table but, i can't find them... *deep sigh* *search the specs* *after a few minutes* How did the specs, ended up on the tv?? Now that is weird, and again, forget about that~~ *shot* (note: sorry for bad grammar OTL)

One of my friend told me that my blog had a visitors from an unknown country. Weird huh? And she even  told maybe an alien visit my blog! Wow.. O.o and again~ i only can laugh behind the screen of my netbook. But now, the unknown country flag disappear from my Flag Counter 8D *shot*

Ahem hem... Change the topic *shot again* I found a song that i heard from the radio, yay! 8D *shot*


Training, training, and training. I need to increase my English, and....... editing skill... Maybe... *sigh* really... looks like i need to increase my editing skill... but how..? i don't know... *deep sigh*

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fujoshi?! And some other things...

Okay...... This word appear again... Fujoshi. What is Fujoshi? Well... I also don't know about that but, some of my friends said that, Fujosho = Shounen Ai = Yaoi.

Few last night, one of my friends asked, "You're not fujoshi??". AM I LOOK LIKE A FUJOSHI??? DDD8 but yes for my friend... *stare at him* *shot* But that's true!! He even forced me to join a Yaoi forum!! D8< (i won't tell the forum's name)*shot again* okay.. forget it.. T^T (but i still won't join his forum because i'm not a fujoshi!! D8<)

All of my characters are STRAIGHT. Remember that!! STRAIGHT!! None of my male characters that.... well... how should i say this... you know... the one related to that word, Fujoshi, Shounen-ai, and Yaoi. I say this again... All of my characters are straight D8<

Okay... Lets forget about that(Fujoshi) for a while.

Well, last night, i got a message from my friend, my old friend sent me a sentences, well... Maybe a quote, and the who made that quote is... Me... *sigh* i can't believe that quote came back to me...

I forgot what i want to say next... *shot*

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Stories

OMG!! I just  remember something!! My stories!! I forgot to continue it!!

Oh well.. I'll continue those stories if i have some times... and of course... if my imagination works... *shot by readers*  maybe my imagination works for Little Love Story, not Light & Dark... *deep sigh* *shot again*

Anyway~~ i really sorry if the stories were in Indonesian, not English, because you know... My grammar still not good.. maybe worse... *deep sigh* (inner voice: I must increase my english skill... Especially for writting stories... *sigh*)

Anyway~~ I'll continue the stories(but i don't know when). With some help from some songs in my folder... I hope my imagination will works. So... Please be patient for the next chapter ok.. And i really sorry for forgetting to continue the stories... m(_ _)m

Monday, May 3, 2010

Setelah & saat PPD

Maap ya judulnya kayak gitu~ maklum saya bingung mo d kasih judul apa~~ XD XD

Ok!! Pulang PPD kmaren tp post na skarang. Yah.. Gpp lha mumpung masih inget X3 *plak*

Anyway and by the way~~ th PPD seru juga.. tp ada membosankannya jg... *sigh* tp ada jg kejadian2 langka... seperti, seseorang d kamar kelompok gw tiba2 ngomong 59 dengan kencang pas dy lg tidur, entah itu nomor apa pas d ceritain k wali kelas, yg nge-denger pd ketawa trs wali kelasnya bilang "wah... kode togel tuh..." ya makin ketawa dh gw~~ trs malemnya d kamar malah jd ngomongin togel... Aneh2 aja.. ckckck..

Teruus~ ada lg yang aneh~~ Kok guru akun gw k kamar kelompok gw, trs nanya "cewe.. ada makanan ga?". Klo d inget2 jd ketawa sendiri gw... *shot*

Uda gitu kamar kelompok gw kok malah jd kayak ruang VIP yak?? Uda kadang banyak pengunjung, air hangat ada, gayung ada, camilan ada, SINYAL ada pula. Mungkin kamar kelompok gw memang VIP hwhwhw~ *shot*

tp ada kelemahannya juga~ d th kamar ternyata ada kecoa!! 2 lagi!! OMG!! DD8 *lebay mode on*

Tp yg perlu d ingat ada yg seru... Lagipula kmarena gw ktemu 'seseorang'... sweat dah.. *jd kepikiran lg* *dan jd inget pas th anak ngigo* *ketawa lg dh*

Ahem.. hem... Ok.. Uda segitu dl.. Gw lp mo ngomong apa lg gara2 ketawa XDDDDD *shot*

Btw kmaren gw pules amat yak tdr d bis... *bingung ndiri* *ditendang*