Friday, May 7, 2010

The Stories

OMG!! I just  remember something!! My stories!! I forgot to continue it!!

Oh well.. I'll continue those stories if i have some times... and of course... if my imagination works... *shot by readers*  maybe my imagination works for Little Love Story, not Light & Dark... *deep sigh* *shot again*

Anyway~~ i really sorry if the stories were in Indonesian, not English, because you know... My grammar still not good.. maybe worse... *deep sigh* (inner voice: I must increase my english skill... Especially for writting stories... *sigh*)

Anyway~~ I'll continue the stories(but i don't know when). With some help from some songs in my folder... I hope my imagination will works. So... Please be patient for the next chapter ok.. And i really sorry for forgetting to continue the stories... m(_ _)m


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