Sunday, May 30, 2010

Anything and Everything *shot*

How, how, and how?? Those words appeared in my head a few minutes ago and made me think(again) about how i meet my friends, how i know them? Actually... I... Didn't remember about how i meet and how i know them.

Forget about that. I just want to say something.... WHERE THE HECK IS MY SPECTACLES??? I thought i put them one the table but, i can't find them... *deep sigh* *search the specs* *after a few minutes* How did the specs, ended up on the tv?? Now that is weird, and again, forget about that~~ *shot* (note: sorry for bad grammar OTL)

One of my friend told me that my blog had a visitors from an unknown country. Weird huh? And she even  told maybe an alien visit my blog! Wow.. O.o and again~ i only can laugh behind the screen of my netbook. But now, the unknown country flag disappear from my Flag Counter 8D *shot*

Ahem hem... Change the topic *shot again* I found a song that i heard from the radio, yay! 8D *shot*


Training, training, and training. I need to increase my English, and....... editing skill... Maybe... *sigh* really... looks like i need to increase my editing skill... but how..? i don't know... *deep sigh*


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