Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fujoshi?! And some other things...

Okay...... This word appear again... Fujoshi. What is Fujoshi? Well... I also don't know about that but, some of my friends said that, Fujosho = Shounen Ai = Yaoi.

Few last night, one of my friends asked, "You're not fujoshi??". AM I LOOK LIKE A FUJOSHI??? DDD8 but yes for my friend... *stare at him* *shot* But that's true!! He even forced me to join a Yaoi forum!! D8< (i won't tell the forum's name)*shot again* okay.. forget it.. T^T (but i still won't join his forum because i'm not a fujoshi!! D8<)

All of my characters are STRAIGHT. Remember that!! STRAIGHT!! None of my male characters that.... well... how should i say this... you know... the one related to that word, Fujoshi, Shounen-ai, and Yaoi. I say this again... All of my characters are straight D8<

Okay... Lets forget about that(Fujoshi) for a while.

Well, last night, i got a message from my friend, my old friend sent me a sentences, well... Maybe a quote, and the who made that quote is... Me... *sigh* i can't believe that quote came back to me...

I forgot what i want to say next... *shot*


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